Tuesday, July 26, 2016

F1 2016 Gameplay Detailed By Codemasters [w/Video]

Now that we've no choice but to wait until August 19th for F1 2016 to come out on PS4, Xbox One & Windows PC, we might as well enjoy some new footage and images courtesy of Codemasters.

The video titled 'Your Journey Begins' adequately details some of the differences you'll spot in this game's Career Mode compared to last year.

A safety car will be featured for the first time in the game's history, as will the new Virtual Safety Car system which is also being used for the first time this season in Formula 1. Furthermore, F1 2016 will prove more immersive than any of its past iterations with things such as manual starts and manual pit lane entry and braking - which can even cost you grid positions or earn you penalties if mismanaged.

Multiplayer mode now supports up to 22 drivers, though gamers who'd much rather focus on their own story will definitely enjoy the previously mentioned new Career Mode which stretches for up to ten seasons.

Also, those who will purchase F1 2016 in Limited Edition form, will get the Career Booster DLC pack, giving them a head start in their career, plus exclusive career helmet and laptop designs.




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